Research Activities

Some of the Research Activities in the Duke Energy Smart Grid Laboratory is in one of the following classifications. For more details take a look at the following pdf presentation: Lab Overview.

  • Emulation of power, control and communications
  • Grid modernization, generator exciter testing
  • Model validation and integration
  • Device functionality testing
  • Closed-loop testing of physical devices
  • Protective relays, metering, and PMUs
  • Digital controller for FACTS and system automation
  • System integration testing
    • Protection scheme testing
    • Closed-loop system and sub-system testing
    • Integration of renewables and micro-generation
    • Interoperability Test-bed and communication/data management
  • Real-time power system studies
    • High speed power system studies
      • Impacts of renewable energy resources
      • Investigation of switching events, power quality and transients
      • Assessment of operations strategies, contingencies and restoration plans
    • System level modeling and control
    • Distribution system studies
    • NERC’s standards compliance study, validation, and testing
    • Power Hardware-in-the-loop simulations (PHIL)
Hardware in the Loop Generalized Experimental Setup