Siemens Large Manufacturing Lab

Siemens Lab


Siemens Laboratory faculty, students and staff work with industry partners to identify strategic research themes and conduct basic and applied research aimed at improving the productivity and accuracy of large-scale manufacturing operations. Our research exploration areas include:

  • Correcting gravitationally induced distortions in large component metrology
  • Correcting thermally induced distortions in large component metrology
  • Understanding and correcting rotary table error motions under load
  • Performance comparison of portable dimensional metrology systems


Some of our recent research projects include:

  • Alternatives to broaching of turbine disk grooves
  • Spiral milling of tapered holes
  • In-process metrology for generator rotors and volumetric accuracy
  • Machining process for combustor basket resonator rings
  • Measurement of throttle valves and components based on laser trackers
  • Improved methods for generator rotor tramming and charting
  • Muffler id measurement and visualization
  • Advanced metrology for rotor blade tipping
  • Study of dimensional quality assurance in generator rotor machining
  • Combustor basket machining
  • Generator shaft cooling hole drilling
  • Improved methods for mounting and alignment of rotors on slotter


The centerpiece of the lab is a Leitz PMM-F 30-20-16 coordinate measuring machine that can accept large, heavy components with very complex geometry, and quickly measure every dimension, angle and radius with an accuracy of a few micrometers. The Leitz PMM-F was made available through a generous contribution from Hexagon Metrology, who has become an active partner in the Siemens Laboratory. The new machine is housed in a custom-designed environmental chamber that controls temperature to 20+/- 0.5 degrees Celsius. In addition to the Leitz CMM, the lab also has three laser-trackers and access to an articulated-arm CMM.

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