Power Amplifier

RS90 Power Amplifier is used to amplify the system signal to a high power output. The Smart Grid Lab will use the power amplifier with Hardware in the loop topologies for research, simulations and generation of custom waveforms, harmonics and a variety of transient events. The RS90 Power Amplifier provides an effective platform for direct control of the output of the power supply in the Smart Grid Lab. Some of the characteristics that make this power amplifier unique are:

  • High Power AC and DC Power Source – which is programmable for frequency conversion and test applications
  • Power levels – power levels in this amplifier can vary from an output power of 90kVA p.u. and make it expandable up to 540kVA
  • Arbitrary and Harmonic Waveform Generation as well as AC/DC Transient Generation
  • Green Power Solution – automatic crossover between source and sink power modes that offer regenerative capabilities in AC, DC and AC+DC modes
  • Remote Control – variety of interfaces for automated test applications
Ametek RS90 Power Amplifier
RS90 Power Amplifier Computer GUI