Energy Education

STEM & Energy Education in North Carolina

The Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) at UNC Charlotte was formed in response to the request from industry to supply to highly trained engineers qualified to meet the demands of the energy industry. EPIC works to extend its reach by getting involved with energy and STEM education for grades K-12. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs throughout primary and secondary schooling are essential to developing a strong foundation for students to build upon in order to succeed in energy and engineering fields. Our goal is to promote STEM and energy education programs throughout North Carolina and to increase the interest of students grades K-12 in STEM-related majors and careers.

UNC Charlotte Center for STEM Education (CSTEM)

UNC Charlotte’s Center for STEM Education (CSTEM) is part of the College of Education. They provide many resources for students and teachers, these resources connect STEM and education. They work to promote STEM education and increase the interest of K-12 age students in STEM-related majors and careers.