PARSG Modeling

Grid Resilience Modeling


Investing in a resilient grid does not fit the traditional regulatory framework

Traditional focus

  • Reliability – investing to maintain day-to-day operations.
  • Many metrics exist and are commonly used by regulators nationwide

New problem

  • Resiliency – Investing to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions, and to withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions
  • Widely accepted metrics do not exist


  • Examine the impact of recent hurricanes in North Carolina
  • Consider impacts in three scenarios:
    • Scenario 1: Current grid
    • Scenario 2: Proposed grid improvement plan
    • Scenario 3: More resilient technologies; i.e. increased distributed generation, microgrids, mini-grids, etc.
  • The framework for the energy system resiliency planning will be based on Sandia National Laboratory’s Resilience Analysis Process

More details on Resilience Modeling Methodology.