Resources for Teachers

National Energy Education Development Project (NEED)

NEED provides educators with resources such as lesson plans, in-class worksheets, and review games. There are also energy info books available for primary, elementary, intermediate, and secondary age students.





Department of Energy (DOE) Presentation on STEM and Energy

The presentation covers, teacher educational resources, internships, fellowships, mentoring, training, competitions, and research/development programs.

Click here to view this presentation about STEM and Energy click the link below.

Switch Energy Project

The Switch Energy Project is a multi-platform extension of the film Switch, a documentary that explores the future of energy. The film’s goal is to determine how the transition from coal and oil to renewables will take place around the world. It takes a non-partisan view of the costs and benefits of each source. Switch Energy Project hopes to:

  • Build a baseline understanding of energy
  • Transform the energy conversation from polarized to practical
  • Promote efficiency and conversation

Visit for efficiency tips, educational resources, and more information about the project.

Carolina World-Class Support for Science and Math provides supplies and resources for STEM instructors.

NC AMC Teacher Leaders Training Workshop is an intensive, five-day workshop designed to train up to 30 teacher leaders to work with teachers across the state.

NC STEM Learning Network has helped to develop a statewide strategic plan, that coordinates STEM education initiatives with a goal of increasing student achievement, community involvement, and corporate support for STEM education in North Carolina.

dNSF GK-12 Graduate STEM Fellows in K-12 Education pairs graduate students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with K-12 partners. Through the GK-12 program, institutions of higher education have had an opportunity to make a significant change in STEM graduate and K-12 education programs by creating strong and enduring partnerships.