Programs for Students

Duke Energy’s Energy Revolution

Duke Energy is proud to partner with The National Theatre for Children (NTC) to promote conservation and energy efficiency education for grades K-8 in its service communities. This organization uses professional actors to teach students about energy efficiency through engaging, comical, and informative live theater sketches.

Each performance also includes grade-appropriate workbooks for each student, comprehensive teacher guides, internet activities, and classroom posters. After the show, students are encouraged to have their parents sign up to receive a free home energy efficiency kit to continue reinforcing the importance of energy conservation and to help them understand how it can translate into practical applications in their homes.

To find out more information on this program visit the Energy Revolution webpage.


NC-MSEN Pre-College Program

The UNC Charlotte NC-MSEN Pre-College Program actively recruits and prepares students of average to above-average ability in grades 6-12 from six counties surrounding the UNC Charlotte area. NC-MSEN offers two programs, Saturday Academy which consists of twelve Saturdays during the academic year, and Summer Scholars which focuses on math, science research, engineering activities, and technical writing skills for 2-3 weeks during the month of June and/or July. These programs hope to broaden the pool of students pursuing mathematics, science, and engineering-based majors and careers.

Visit the NC-MSEN page to learn more information about admission to the programs and their schedules.


ROOTS of STEM is a two-phase project investigating the institutional factors that influence women’s and underrepresented minorities’ decision to pursue STEM majors. The first phase employs quantitative methods and a unique longitudinal dataset, the ROOTS of STEM dataset, following one cohort of North Carolina public school students from middle school to high school and into the public university system in NC. The second phase uses interviews with current UNC-system college seniors to understand their experiences with math and science in middle and high school and in college. Quantitative analyses are ongoing and data collection for Phase II has begun.

The Principal Investigator in the research study is Elizabeth Stearns, she is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at UNC Charlotte.

To see presentations and working papers resulting from this grant visit the ROOTS of STEM webpage.

Do you know a rising high school junior or senior interested in STEM?

Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics (SVSM) is a cost-free, state-funded program for academically talented students who may pursue careers based in science and mathematics. Four campuses of the university system–including UNC Charlotte–host the SVSM institutes. The program brings rising juniors and seniors together in residential settings for four weeks of intensive study.

Visit UNC Charlotte’s SVSM page for more information on this program, its admission process, covered courses, and schedules.

Switch Energy Project

The Switch Energy Project is a multi-platform extension of the film Switch, a documentary that explores the future of energy. The film’s goal is to determine how the transition from coal and oil to renewables will take place around the world. It takes a non-partisan view at the costs and benefits of each source. Switch Energy Project hopes to:

  • Build a baseline understanding of energy
  • Transform the energy conversation from polarized to practical
  • Promote efficiency and conversation

Visit for efficiency tips, educational resources, and more information about the project.