A Review of the Duke Energy 2020 Climate Report

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On May 6th, EPIC, represented by Mike Mazzola, took part in a panel discussion between representatives from EPRI, Clean Air Carolina, the Environmental Defense Fund, and Duke Energy to discuss and review the Duke Energy 2020 Climate Report, moderated by E4 Carolinas. The panel of experts collaborated to identify any roadblocks or potential opportunities for improvement in the climate report “as they relate to an ever-evolving policy landscape and increasingly decarbonized economy”, as said by E4 Carolinas.

The overall goal of the 2020 Climate Report is to achieve a net zero carbon future. Duke Energy and all other power generating companies are responsible for reliably powering their customers communities while addressing the ever-evolving challenges of climate change. Duke Energy aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation to net zero by 2050 and by 2030, reduce by at least 50 percent. The success of these goals will require a combination of many actions which include: investing in renewables and energy storage, utilizing natural gas, retiring coal plants, continuing operation of the nuclear fleet, and advancing load management programs.

Duke Energy, EPIC, and many other energy innovators are embracing this extraordinary challenge to protect our environment while making energy affordable, reliable, and sustainable.

Click here to read the Duke Energy 2020 Climate Report.