EPIC Innovators Application

The EPIC Innovators solicitation is open to all UNC Charlotte students, faculty, and staff. All proposals must be energy-related. To participate in the solicitation, please provide the following documentation and fill in the form.

  • One page (max) abstract describing the project/concept/technology (technology details)
  • One page (max) resume of each team member

The application form required information is:

  1. Brief description of the market/customer problem Describe (3-4 sentences) the issue(s) your customers face
  2. Who will buy your solution? Describe (3-4 sentences) a typical customer – job function, title, role in the customer organization
  3. Brief description of product/technology Provide detail about how your technology solves the customer’s problem (3-4 sentences)
  4. Provide Product/Technology Status
  5. Provide Patent Status
  6. Has this technology received any prior funding?
  7. Additional Funding Sources:
  8. Team Lead/Lead Contact
  9. Additional team members (if any)
  10. Faculty Advisor (if any):
  11. Provide Member Bios Provide an overview (1-2 sentences for each) of all team members, including their relevant technical and business experience.
  12. EPIC Innovators Participation Please provide 3-5 sentences detailing why you want to participate in the EPIC Innovators program, what you hope to learn, and what outcomes you would like to achieve.

The criteria the presentations are judged on are:

  1. Value: need/desire, is it different, value proposition
  2. Market Potential: how big (# units and/or $) is the market – i.e. how many can be sold and at what cost.
  3. Idea/Concept: creativity/ ingenuity, is it transformative, is it realizable
  4. Impact: on society, on market, sustainability, what is its potential
  5. Potential for Scalability
  6. Delivery: message, how is it communicated, is the delivery clear
  7. Relevancy: energy-related