Duke Energy Smart Grid Lab project or lab time request
Faculty/Staff that would like to request the use of the lab must first complete the following form to the best of their knowledge concerning the project within the Energy domain.

EPIC Contract Form
To request a new contract set up in Contracts Plus, this form must be completed and submitted to Robin Moose or Lori Brown along with any applicable documentation (scope of work, and a signed waiver of competition if the contract is over $25,000).

EPIC Funding Request Form
To request funding support from EPIC, this form must be completed and submitted to Robin Moose.  EPIC will only consider funding requests that have an EPIC related goal and a direct benefit to the EPIC mission, as well as the completed EPIC Funding Request Form. Any questions may be sent to Robin Moose at or 704‑687‑1813.

Mileage & Parking Reimbursement Form
For travel reimbursements on mileage and parking only, not requiring an overnight stay, the Mileage & Parking Reimbursement Form can be used. Please take note of the roundtrip total to determine the mileage reimbursement rate. You can find rates on the Rates tab. To initiate a mileage and parking reimbursement request, fill in as much information as you know for your trip(s) on the Travel Authorization tab. Email the form and any questions to Robin Moose for EPIC funding, or Lori Brown for a grant or on-going research funding.

Student Employment Request Form
To hire a student, the EPIC Student Employment Request Form must be completed and submitted to Robin Moose for EPIC funded hires, or to Lori Brown for a grant or on-going research funded hires. The form must be signed by the person responsible for the fund, i.e., the Lead PI for grant-funded projects. 

Travel Forms
This package contains the Travel Authorization Form, Request for Travel Reimbursement, Travel Reimbursement Checklist, and a Group Travel List. There are also form instructions, a rates reference tab, and a related web links tab. To initiate a travel request, fill in as much information as you know for your trip on the Travel Authorization tab. Due to new COVID-19 travel restrictions, an additional form must accompany your travel authorization.  Please include the Vaccine Verification Form with your travel documents. Email the forms and any questions to Robin Moose for EPIC funding, or Lori Brown and Shannon Jenkins for grant or on-going research funding.