Lab Capabilities, Related Labs, and Equipment

The Flexible Energy Laboratories Suite contains the following equipment and modules:

  • ASD Power cables and conductors load cycle testbed rated 4000 A
  • Haefely-Hipotronics high voltage insulation test system rated 100 kV (upgradable to 300 kV)
  • 1 MVA rated Grid Simulator including 4160V medium voltage testbed

The Flexible Energy Laboratories Suite at EPIC offers a secure environment to conduct standard compliance as well as functional performance testing of power and energy systems. This laboratory provides a test and pre-certification environment for high-power electronic equipment.

  • Testing “Power Converter Cores” in applications such as motor drives, photovoltaic power conversion, wind power conversion, battery energy storage, high voltage DC conversion, electric vehicles, and railway traction.
  • Standards testing of Power Electronic Systems.
  • Testing medium voltage ac components such as switchgear and circuit breakers up to 4160V.
  • Evaluating passive components such as capacitors, reactors, and heat sinks employed in power electronic applications.
  • High voltage testing area rated up to 100kV for testing cables, overhead wires, transformers and other high voltage equipment.
  • The load cycle testbed is capable of injecting up to 4000 A using current transformers, to analyze the thermal performance of the cable / overhead wire. The system is also used to develop control algorithms for maximizing the utilization of the cables and lines.