Senior Design Projects

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The William States Lee College of Engineering offers a senior design program to help bring together students and industry partners in a collaborative research environment. Students tackle real-world engineering projects with industry supporters and are afforded unlimited possibilities for learning and achievement. EPIC proudly sponsors the following Lee College of Engineering Senior Design Projects:

Spring 2017

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Energy Related Senior Design Projects Industry Sponsor
Conceptual Design of an Escort Railcar using a Buffer Trailer AREVA
Rotation System for Total Indicator Runout Baldor
Battery Energy Storage at the Distribution Level CAPER
Energy Reduction Audit
Cardinal Health


Finite Element Analysis on Exhaust Stacks

Low-Cost Secondary Voltage (and Current) Sensing for Control and Verification of CVR and Volt-var Optimization Applications
Investigation of Drone Applications Vegetation Management and on Campus Mail Delivery UNC Charlotte
Thermal Hole Inspection Winbro Group Technologies