EPIC Energy Seminar: The Automotive Industry and The Fuels That Are Moving Us Forward

April 25, 2017 - 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

Topic: The Automotive Industry and The Fuels That Are Moving Us Forward
Speaker: Dr. Andrew L. Randolph, Technical Director, ECR Engines


Have you ever wondered if there is a cleaner-burning fuel option for your car? Ever wanted to know how high-compression engines can use less fuel without sacrificing performance? Do you want to know how you can boost octane for greater efficiency and horsepower? The answer is E15, a high-performance fuel that more fully realizes the advantages of American-made biofuels and works well in all cars made 2001 and newer. This discussion with Dr. Andy Randolph, technical director of ECR engines, will shed light on the ways in which E15 is the perfect value and performance fuel for mechanics, engineers, car enthusiasts and drivers across the country - including moms in their mini-vans. With years of experience under his belt working with NASCAR teams such as Richard Childress Racing, Dr. Andy will offer unparalleled insight into the automotive industry and the fuels that are moving us forward.

About the Speaker
Dr. Andrew L. Randolph, technical director for ECR Engines, received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University in 1985, specializing in the combustion properties of alcohol/diesel and alcohol/oil blends.  During over 30 years at General Motors and in NASCAR, Dr. Randolph’s work has ranged from fundamental engine research to mass-production engine development, from Wankel rotaries to Pro Stock drag engines.  He is a strong advocate of applying scientific principles to engine development and is widely regarded internationally as one of the foremost applied combustion experts in the world.  He has contributed to five NASCAR Cup championships with three different teams.  As Technical Director for ECR Engines he leads a development team that defines the engine architecture for the Chevy engines supplied by ECR to NASCAR for Cup, Xfinity, and Truck classes, and the Cadillac engines supplied to IMSA for the premier prototype road racing class. Dr. Randolph has authored over 20 refereed technical publications and received five oral presentation awards from the Society of Automotive Engineers.